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泰 龍 塑 膠 有 限 公 司

20 years of commitment

In business To help reduce the amount of natural resources.
To better the environment, society, economy and life of Thai people.

“We Thai Mangkorn will continue to develop, not stop.”

Why? Need to buy machines from Thai Mangkorn.

Our machines are guaranteed the quality from modern CE. High performance Affordable if you want “quality”.

Thai Mangkotn is Recycled Plastic Business

We are ready to transfer knowledge, segregation, production, sales, networking. Most importantly.

Plastic resin production is definitely sold!

We are all kind of plastic resin center. We have a network of more than 1,000 plastic resin operators.

After-sales service Is the heart of Thai Mangkorn

We have all spare parts do not wait. With a team of experienced technicians take care of you.

Recycle plastic with Thai Mangkorn with more than 20 years of experience. Buy plastic crushed (if the plastics are not clean) and recycle (plastic) the plastics. And highly skilled

Plastic recycling process

Granules Machine

There are many sizes to choose according to customer’s requirements and can be ordered according to customer’s requirements. Parts and accessories come in a number of different sizes. The melting furnace has a capacity of 3-20 tons / day, saving electricity with inverter and inverter system. Screw warranty up to 2 years, spare parts are available. Transport and installation with skilled technicians for free! also plastic pellets produced by Thai dragon machines. We will be pleased to buy the cash back at your satisfaction with cash!

PE,PP Film Cleaning Line

Convenient to wash the plastic bag, sack, fertilizer, jumbo bag, agricultural bag cover, wrapper bag, plastic scraps, etc. The machine can wash the plastic debris clean. Then the melamine can be melted in good quality. High volume up to 1,000 kilograms per hour. CE certified and high security.

Plastic Pulverizers

High efficiency, energy saving, can be crushed plastics such as PE, PVC, PPR, PA, PC, PS, ABS, PET, POM and others. Dust spread out outside easy to work, can easily grind powder size as needed. High production capacity from 150-600 kg/h The unit is open for up to 24 hours without heating Due to the vitreous gear room and knife room. Easy knife set One year warranty, free shipping and installation with expert technicians.

Thai Mangkorn Machine Quality Assurance
Transportation service and installation with skilled technicians for free!

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